Monday, November 10, 2014

November Wishlist - Invest in Basics

The day you realize how important basics are, your wardrobe will change completely. And most importantly, you will not lose hours staring at the wardrobe full of clothes and yet having nothing to wear because they are so hard to combine.

Basics are your best friends.
They are a long-term investment, so my first advice would be not to save on them. Be it a blazer or a classy white button down, make sure it is good quality and material, as these pieces are staples in your wardrobe. They are versatile, and you can wear them many times, always creating a different look.

Above are some of my favorite basic pieces that you can find at Stylemoi: a white shirt, a good pair of jeans, a black blazer and a little black dress. Stylemoi has a vast selection of pieces of different styles and a great choice of colors! And even though they are basics, they do not lack features. If you want to add a signature touch, you can choose a special cut or a detail that would make the garment stand out. You can also play with them by choosing statement accessories.

What are your favorite basics?

Stay stylish,