Casual Friday OOTD

No matter how wonderful it feels to be all dressed up, sometimes it feels just as good to put on your comfy clothes, flats and enjoy the day ahead and what it may bring. I present to you my Casual Friday look, soaking up the sun, and taking my dog out for a walk.
I think it's a good idea to make Casual Friday posts weekly, so expect more in the weeks to come.

I would also like to thank you all fashionistas for your lovely messages, comments and support.

p.s  please don't my mind my hair gone with the wind

Dress ZARA - Shoes ALDO - Bag DIESEL - Scarf BERSHKA - Belt GIANFRANCO FERRE - Sunglasses ZARA - Bangles ZARA

'Summer time and the living is easy...

... fish are jumping, and the cotton is high.'
I love the tune, and as I am listening to it, I am sending you all fashionistas a big kiss.
I had a fun afternoon at the beach, preparing some pictures to show you how styling can completely transform the look of the same piece of clothing. In this case a bikini. But it goes further than that. Accessories set a certain style and enhance the appearance of your dress, shirt, jeans.
Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize.
Enjoy the pics, and tell me the look that you prefer for the beach: Beach chic or beach fun chick? ;)

Cardigan ZARA - Necklace H&M - Bikini VS - Scarf (no name) - Tote TOM&EVA - Sunglasses BERSHKA

Trilby ZARA - Bikini VS - Scarf (no name) - Necklace H&M

Kiwi Ice Cream

What to wear, what to wear...
What color am I feeling like today?

Then I open the wardrobe and start diggin'. Sometimes I find things I haven't worn for a long time, and realize it matches my new shoes perfectly. Colors will lift your mood and the mood of people around you. Be daring; as long as it works for you, there is no need to have second thoughts.

Today's pick... green. And what is your inspiration today? :)

(pictures from the public domain)

Let's create beauty

Style has no price tag.

That's why I always say that you either have it or you don't. Cannot be bought or learned, but there are plenty of things you can do to spicy it up and make it your own.
I see so many celebrities who can afford the most expensive clothes (we will not deal with them now, on bad choices later on), but they end up looking just blank; nothing stands out, nothing radiates. Sometimes, just wearing an old plain white t-shirt and accessorizing with the right scarf or jewellery and a pair of killer heels can turn heads.
I am going to suggest different outfits in my future posts, and give some pictures as examples (my own pictures too!). It will be suggestions on things you could buy anywhere, based on your budget or physique without focusing on brands or names or sizes.

I am also more than happy to answer any questions/suggestions you might have and give advice on how to or how not to.
Hope you will join me on this journey where every street you walk along is.... rue de tres chic. ;)


On Style...

Style is innate.A creative and artistic sense of colors, patterns, materials, shapes.
A free expression of who we are.
Play with it, explore, and never be afraid to be daring. And try to 'make it work'.
In this blog I am setting off to explore different styles, find inspiration behind them, and answer the question: 'What to wear today?'
So let's begin...
 A white sheer loose shirt / fresh and light and always so chic / good for Monday mornings to brighten up the day ahead / white gives freshness to your face and illuminates it - Accessorized with gold jewellery and a sparkle of red /  bold lips -(pictures from the public domain)
© Rue de Tres Chic

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