We always look for inspiration; be it for work or pleasure, it is the thrill of discovering something new that keeps us going and helps us create.

Style is inspiration and creativity in its essence and its form is originality.

I have recently discovered a place called Uniqinn where talented designers present beautiful pieces.
The designs are effortlessly chic with the accent on details. I think such items always complement the outfit and can spice up the basics from our wardrobe.
Here are some of my favorites; black studded clutch, scarf (my all time favorite item) and minimalistic necklace.
You can visit them here and discover new products.
Happy shopping!

Stay stylish and beautiful,

Black leather studded clutch

White 4in1 scarf
Holy water necklace
Have a look at other interesting items they have, and buy their products HERE.


C'est la Vie

Bring color into your wardrobe.
You can add colors as details, or you can go bold and make a statement outfit where details will be neutrals.
No matter the statement color you choose, always use gray, beige or white shades for undertone. This will attract attention to all the right places and make that color stand out.

My favorite color for the past few months has been blue, and this is how I wear it for a casully stylish look.

Stay stylish and beautiful,



The all time favorite item in everybody's wardrobe.
Yet, to make a stylish look a denim piece needs a good cut, color and details. It also relies on a good choice of other colors to be well styled.
When it comes to the color matching, there are no rules, as millions of various hues exist. Thus the rules seem silly to even consider. (here's an interesting topic to write about in the future)
It is something that you have an eye for, they just go together well to make that outfit that stands out, or they don't.
This is one of the ways to style it.
Lovely fashionistas, thank you all for your support and love, and...
Stay stylish and beautiful,

Shirt BCBG - Skirt KILLAH - Shoes BATA


Every now and then there comes a day when we grab our white tee and favorite pair of jeans and go on to face the day feeling comfy and fresh as a daisy.
Shiny hair, no make up, flats, shades and a spring in our step.
Always add your touch to the look, even for the most casual of outfits. Style is not about fashion, it is about your identity and the things you like. It is about that special little detail. What I use to add the signiture to the look is jewellery. And when it comes to the choice of accessories, you can go minimalistic or bold.
Hope you find inspiration in my picks, and tell me how you spice up your look.
Stay stylish and beautiful... and dazzle,
- pictures from the public domain -


FALL...ing for you

A wise man once said that when you wake up in the morning, you have two options: to choose to be happy or choose to be sad. So when the first rains of fall wake you up, focus on positive and all the beauty a new season brings. And by that I mean fall fashion.

Boots, caps, hats, scarves, chunky sweaters, fur...
Cardigans and loose sweaters are a must for an effortlessly chic outfit. Choose colors that you love, and don't follow trends blindly because that way you will make your wardrobe richer and be able to wear it next season too. Choose wool, cashmere, cotton.
Stay stylish and beautiful,



Skirt BERSHKA - Top H&M - Sweater BCBG -

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