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Today, a very special announcement on the blog.

Rue de Tres Chic has partnered up with MIRA, and now you will be able to get personalized styling advice from me anytime, anywhere.
If you have any kind of fashion dilemma and would like to hear my tips and tricks, let's get in touch!

MIRA is a new app that connects you with fashion bloggers and stylists in one-on-one styling session. They have partnered up with 50 top bloggers from around the world who are available for on-call styling advice. Yes. It's that amazing. That means professional fashion advice is at your fingertips.
What I love the most about it is the speed of feedback. No more long hours of deciding what to wear, and uncertainty whether the outfit is good at the end. Simply snap your look and get advice in minutes.

The app is currently in beta testing; so hurry and visit MIRA to sign up for early access.

The CEO and co-founder of MIRA, Evan Katz was so kind to answer my questions, and tell you more about the app himself. Enjoy!

Ivana: What does MIRA mean, and how did you come up with the name?
Evan: Mira means "Look!" in Spanish, and since many of our users send fashion bloggers "mirror selfies" when they ask questions, it's a mirror/Mira play. Morgan (my co-founder) and I met while studying abroad in Ecuador - hence the Spanish!

Ivana: Who is behind MIRA?
Evan: Morgan Steffy and Evan Katz founded Mira, and are currently working full-time building and growing the company along with a team of developers and marketers.

Ivana: What was your original inspiration in creating the app?
Evan: Neither Morgan nor I are the most fashion-savvy people,  and we've always struggled when trying to decide what clothing looked best on us. Hiring a personal stylist was out of the question - way too expensive. But, when we realized that there were thousands of super-talented fashion bloggers that loved giving one-on-one advice, we decided to create Mira so on-call styling advice from fashion bloggers would be accessible to everyone.

Ivana: How does the app work?
Evan: The app is actually quite simple - since we're trying to create long-lasting relationships between fashion bloggers and users, the app functions as an easy messaging platform that lets users chat with their favorite bloggers whenever they want. Users can browse our network of 50+ fashion bloggers and "favorite" ones they love so that next time they need fashion advice, the experts are at their fingertips.
       Users ask bloggers questions through text and pictures, and bloggers can respond straight from their cell phones, meaning responses come back in minutes and bloggers can give advice on the go.

Ivana: What are your favorite features?
Evan: Personally, I love the fact that after using Mira for a few weeks, your fashion bloggers learn your style and can actually recommend you new looks and outfits based on you previous conversations with them. It's way more effective than trying to explain your style to a sales rep at a clothing store!

Ivana: What is your vision/future plans for MIRA?
Evan: We plan to keep rapidly expanding our userbase and fashion blogger network. We'd also plan to build technology that lets users upload photos of the clothing they already own to bloggers, and have their favorite fashion bloggers help them create a "lookbook" of pre-designed, amazing outfits - all from their own closet.

Ivana: Thank you for the interview, Evan and I am sure Rue de Tres Chic readers are super excited to start using MIRA!
Evan: Thanks for giving us the chance to talk about Mira! We're so excited to have you on board as one of our expert fashion bloggers. For users wanting to get personalized, on-call fashion advice from you, they can visit our website at MIRA and sign up to use Mira as soon as we launch to the public.


  1. Nice interview ... what a cute idea to be able to get feedback quickly :-)

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  4. This is amazing, congratulations on that!

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  5. amazing app, great interview!! xx

  6. That sounds really interesting and I am going to check it out. Thanks for sharing!


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